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UC Management (UCM) is a multifunctioning entertainment company that specializes in electronic dance music and k-pop. UCM staff has an extensive knowledge and experience in artist management and booking, event planning, and record label business that spans over a decade.


Located in the heart of Seoul, the cultural mecca of Asia and the home of K-pop, UCM is a sister company of UC Global that manages Ultra Music Festivals in Asia and DJ Mag Asia, and its network expands throughout the world.  

UCM’s mission is to support emerging artists in Asia and introduce them to the world-wide scene. We work to achieve this goal by providing essential resources to artists such as connection to  A&Rs, international labels & management, booking agents, promoters, A-level artists, overseas PR agencies, music video production companies, and visual & graphic designers.  We also handle publicity, public relations, and advertising to promote our artists. Ultimately, we create opportunities for artists to produce music and perform live with top-tier international artists by securing global and regional bookings at clubs and festivals.


We have over a decade of experience working with artists, agents, and promoters. Our booking agency generally offers two types of services: artist bookings, club bookings, and branded event bookings. 

  • Artist Bookings: Provides club and festival bookings for artists.

  • Club Bookings: Books artists of various genres and nationalities on behalf of clubs in Asia

  • Branded Event Bookings: Provides branded events in clubs such as DJ Mag Asia Parties, DJ Mag Asia Music Conference, Count Down Asia, and Itaewon Sound Project

Our primary goal is to expand the electronic dance music scene in Asia by introducing new and existing events such as Ultra Music Festival Countdown Tours, DJ Mag Asia, and Itaewon Sound Project parties.  UCM offers a full range of consultation & event planning services that include venue selection, stage production, and operation management for a couple of hundred attendee events to multiday mega festivals.  Our experienced team provides guidance from conceptualization to materialization that encompasses risk assessment, budget management, site designing, vendor, and contractor management. 


UCM also specializes in artist hospitality.  We have served over 500 artists and their crews in various regions around the world.  Our services include accommodation, transportation, artist visa preparation, budget and manpower management, liaison with agent/promoter/production suppliers, rider sourcing and shopping, artist accreditation, and guest list management.  Our team's decade-long experience guarantees a  seamless experience for our clients.

CONECTD Record Label acts as a Modern Silk Road to connect DJs/Producers and artists (vocalists/rappers) from the East and the West to create unique crossover tracks.  We open doors for international record labels and artists to present their music on major platforms. CONECTD Mix, a sub-label of CONECTD, focuses on finding and developing Asia's hidden talents to provide opportunities in the West. CONECTD Minds is an ongoing YouTube series created in parallel to the music released via CONECTD Record Label featuring artists and their thoughts on their collaboration and music. Please visit and for further information regarding CONECTD.

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